Case Studies: Leadership Development

A large international development organization seeking to develop its middle management tier. Conceived, designed and delivered 5-session “Leadership 101 Book Club” for 25 rising managers. Results included increased emphasis on managerial effectiveness within and across functional areas and enabling of participants to take on greater leadership roles.

A top energy company seeking to embed a coaching approach in its leadership development efforts. Co-created an innovative upwards coaching program. Over multiple years, 120+ middle and senior managers participated across Europe, realizing measurable increases in individual leadership effectiveness and promoting a coaching culture at the organizational level.

A division of a large corporation that had invested heavily in leadership coaching. Designed a qualitative and quantitative measurement process that identified the benefits achieved in terms of both individual change and business impact, enabling management to analyze the value of its investment in a rigorous way. In addition, key leadership coaching themes across the 50+ participants were categorized, feedback was compiled for the individual coaches and potential improvements to the process were identified.

A growing non-profit seeking to upgrade skills to support an ambitious new direction. Created competency models for senior management, line management and professional staff clearly communicating the behaviors needed to support the organization’s new strategy and succeed in the changing environment. Designed a rating instrument that allowed for self- and manager-assessment. This served as a basis for development discussions and the creation of individual development plans, enabling existing staff to grow with the organization and take on expanded leadership roles.


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