Case Studies: Executive Coaching

The CEO of a non-profit. This leader was reluctant to trust her instincts and to push for needed change. Coaching helped her understand that it was possible to be both forceful and enabling, and to decide that the interests of the organization would best be served by balancing her tendency towards compassion with a greater emphasis on fairness. Positive 360 feedback results bolstered her confidence. She introduced a culture of accountability, implemented performance management processes, and became a strong and courageous advocate for change.

A key salesperson at a national hospitality chain. Disciplined, hard-charging and self-motivated, this individual was highly valued for his significant contribution to revenues and his strong client relationships. At the same time, co-workers found him insensitive, condescending and abrasive in his interactions with them, a source of conflict who failed to support team efforts. 360 feedback provided a needed wake-up call by revealing the degree to which these perceptions were shared among his colleagues and managers and how close he had come to derailing his career. Once aware of the impact of his behavior, change came quickly and bridges were rebuilt. Six month follow up feedback indicated sustained improvement in managing self and working with others. More supportive and less negative, this valued employee’s career was back on track.

The new CEO of a small organization. This leader had not previously held a CEO post, the board had been overly hands-on with her predecessor, and the senior management team needed bolstering. With coaching over time, the new CEO developed confidence in her role and renegotiated her position with the board. She hired several new members of the management team, devolved responsibility to them, and adopted a much more visible external role. As a result the organization was able to significantly expand its reach and increase revenues.

The director of critical IT transformation project. Brought in to turn around this ailing project because of his reputation for getting the job done, this executive operated like a steamroller, demonstrated little tolerance for others, and had regular angry outbursts. Coaching focused on ways of bringing co-workers on board rather than alienating them, and on reframing thinking to manage stress and anger. As a result, the director was able to improve relationships both at work and at home. He brought the project in on time and received a promotion and a coveted transfer.


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