ASSIGNMENT LONDON combines executive coaching and relocation support to increase the return on investment from expatriate assignments, especially those along the New York-London corridor. Targeted to both the relocating executive and the spouse/partner, this service:

Service Elements

  1. Pre-Planning Support
    A series of home country meetings conducted in-person or by phone. Tailored to specific needs, topics cover: goal setting, career planning, cultivating helpful attitudes, and realistic exploration of potential difficulties. May include the use of assessment tools.

  2. Executive Coaching
    Coming at a key career inflection point, coaching helps the executive navigate the transition, get up to speed quickly and make the most of the assignment.

  3. Spouse/Partner Support
    Using time effectively and enjoyably: career options, voluntary opportunities, organizations to join, etc, and how to make these happen. Social realities of life abroad.

  4. Cross-Cultural Effectiveness
    Easing entry and doing business by helping with everything from local commercial customs to what things are called at the supermarket to alien concepts of real estate ownership.

  5. Exploration and Enjoyment
    Finding out about and taking advantage of all the best that is London. Little-known gems. Great week-ends. European travel. Special events. Eye-openers. Opportunities you don’t want your people to miss.

The win-win result:

A richer experience for the employee and a more satisfied, capable contributor for the organization -- both while abroad and into the future.


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